About The Nursery

Millfields Nursery School moved from Stoney Lane, Bloxwich in September 2003 and is built on the site of Walsall Academy.  

We offer a range of services including a Local Authority Nursery School and a Daycare Nursery.

The Local Authority Nursery School is part of Walsall Council and provides free nursery school places to 3 and 4 year olds. All nursery school places are part time and we have 48 morning places and 48 afternoon places. 


Places are offered in date of birth order and there is no catchment area. If you wish to register your child on our waiting list, please contact:

Carmella Nelson, Office Clerk 

Telephone: 01922 714830

Email: postbox@millfields-n.walsall.sch.uk

We also operate a Daycare Nursery, which offers childcare facilities for toddlers from the age of 2 and wraparound for children attending the nursery school. These services are fee paying and operate all year round, except for Bank Holidays, training days, two weeks at Christmas, two weeks at Easter and one week at the end of August. More details and information about these additional services can be found on our Daycare Services page. Alternatively, speak to:


Kathryn Myatt, Daycare Manager

Telephone: 01922 714830

Email: daycare@millfields-n.walsall.sch.uk


We are a hub school for Schools Direct.