Ofsted Report

This school has been inspected seven times by Ofsted (Office For Standards in Education). The first inspection took place in May 1996 and we received a glowing report.

The second inspection took place in December 1998. Inspectors praised the teaching as a great strength of the school. They noted that "the rich curriculum provides children with very interesting experiences".

Due to the outstanding results of the 1998 inspection, the school was awarded Beacon Status in September 2001. We were also included in Ofsted's top 100 schools in 1998/99.

The third inspection took place in November 2004.  Inspectors commented that 'teaching and learning are very good and children make very good progress and achieve very well'.  As a result of this inspection, the school was included on Ofsted's list of particularly successful schools and colleges 2004/05.

The fourth inspection took place in February 2008.  Inspectors commented that 'this outstanding school provides children with an excellent start to their education.  There are significant strengths that reflect the excellent quality of care, guidance and support children receive'.

The fifth inspection took place in January 2011.  Inspectors commented that 'Millfields Nursery is an outstanding school.  The children grow in confidence and self-esteem and quickly make friends with a large number of other children.'

The sixth inspection took place in October 2013.  Inspectors commented that 'Millfields Nursery is an outstanding school.  Children love coming to nursery and their behaviour is exemplary.  They work and play extremely well together and have excellent manners.  All children make good progress and many make much better progress so that their achievement is outstanding in all areas of learning.  They settle quickly and form strong and trusting relationships with all staff in the nursery and, as a result, they have great confidence and feel very safe.  The outstanding teaching means that children thoroughly enjoy the activities and are enthusiastic to take part.'

The seventh inspection took place in December 2016 and the school continues to be outstanding. The Inspector commended the staff for helping children to become self-assured individuals and keeping a close check on children's learning.  Children make substantial gains with their early skills and abilities and most children have the skills expected for their age by the end of their time in the nursery.  

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